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Since 2015, the average home sale in Round Rock has increased by 16.5%!


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Attempting to price your own home is rarely a good idea.  We will help you find out the real value of your home so you can sure you're getting the best price when you put your home up for sale.  Without the help of our real estate professionals, your emotions can come into play, skewing the price. For example, you might feel that a recent remodel should increase the value of your home but if the remodel is specific to your taste and doesn’t appeal to the masses, it could actually bring down the value of your home.  Our agents will look at homes that have recently sold in the Round Rock area, without an emotional attachment, and recognize which attributes will appeal to the majority of buyers.


As you can see, a lot of value is derived from our FREE market analysis report.   The best way to get your home sold is to be in a competitive price range and our report will provide that.  We look forward to hearing from you and connecting you with our real estate team.

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Molly Friedrich, our Round Rock Realtor®, specializes in tailoring marketing plans specific to her sellers, house, and neighborhood. She is known for creating demand for the product and netting the owner the highest price.